2020-09-07 02:06
FastJingdong Store Manager
Full Time Operation
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Description of job

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Household appliances category;
  2. Responsible for the overall operation management and promotion of the store
  3. Proficient in Jingdong rules, guide the artist to complete the corresponding product description, details and homepage, activity page decoration, express car diagram, drill exhibition diagram, and event poster diagram production.
  4. Proficient in Beijing Zhuntong, responsible for formulating store product marketing strategies and organizing implementation.
  5. Familiar with the registration and operation of various activities, responsible for the planning, promotion and execution of store activities Qualifications:
  6. More than 1 year experience in e-commerce operation or store manager on JD platform, e-commerce operation experience in home appliance category is preferred;
  7. You must be proficient in using express trains and contacts
  8. Successfully created cases of popular models or promotional activities
  9. Extremely strong digital sensitivity and data analysis capabilities, which can collect, evaluate and analyze data from competing stores
  10. Have strong team leadership, organizational planning and execution skills, strong sense of responsibility, active work, and good at communication;